Someone once said "When a man or woman stands up for what he or she believes in, what's right, what's honorable, you may find yourself standing in a place only a few have ever stood, and many have dreamed of being."

Elite Firearms Training Courses

Knightmare Tactical offers responsible and safe courses using class time and indoor/outdoor Ranges.
  • Conceal carry "personal protection"
  • Home protection
  • Property defense
  • Tactical training – rifles and pistols
  • Long range rifles
  • Individual firearms Q&A

Family and Home Preparedness

Knightmare Tactical offers a wide range of personal and family preparedness programs.
  • Home threat assessment
  • Long term food and water
  • Firearms & ammo Preparedness
  • High value assessment protection
Also: Knightmare Tactical complete tailor made packages for you & your family to help eliminate the guess work.

Knightmare Tactical Firearms

  • Working one on one to custom build your weapon
  • One of a kind builds for specific applications
  • Complete firearm to outfit LE & Contractor teams
  • Building profection one rifle at a time form only the best parts available

Knightmare Tactical Events

  • Full tactical weekend getaway's
  • Outdoor survival and camping
  • Shooting competitions with prizes and entertainment
  • Book Knightmare Tactical for your event to add that tactical flare.

Knightmare Tactical Store

  • CRYO TUBE - Directional Muzzle Brake
  • TALON GRIP - Mil Spec AR-15 Grip
  • ADVANCE GRAB - Angle Grip Stop
  • Knightmare Tactical T-shirt
  • Knightmare Tactical Hoody
  • Knightmare Tactical Hat
  • Knightmare Tactical - 1911 Grips

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